Todd Jennings

Master Jeweller, Todd Jennings, has been making exceptional jewellery in Carmody Jewellers’ Queen Street Showroom and Workshop for 25 years.

Todd has created, or helped his clients create designs for different pieces in many different styles; from the stunning and traditional, to the exquisite and contemporary.

The majority of his clients have been referred by a previous client. Some clients actually return to his workshop each year to create a new piece or to bring in other jewellery to remodel!

Carmody Jewellery is loved and worn by clients in London, New York, Italy, Edinburgh, Denmark, New Zealand, Tasmania, PNG and all states in Australia – Todd even receives designs and jewellery or gemstones from his clients through the post!

He has made jewellery for around 2000 clients over the last 25 years, but he can still pick up the phone and recognize the voice of a client from 10 years ago!!

Todd feels genuinely rewarded by his clients: he frequently gets referrals from friends of friends; recently he has designed jewellery for every person in a particular block of units – something he didn’t realize, until he saw they all had given him the same address but with a different unit number!

Word spreads like wildfire through the workplace too – sometimes Todd will find that once a client has shown off their new piece to their colleagues he will be kept busy remodeling “old” jewellery, or making new stunning jewellery for every lady/gentleman in the office!