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Remodeling, Restoration & Repair

Carmody Jewellers can remodel or restore any piece of jewellery to its former beauty and elegance; just bring in your jewellery and have a chat with Todd Jennings, Master Jeweller, and find some designs that will more beautifully show your gemstones.

Perhaps you would like to reset your gemstones, or change the setting to something more contemporary, we can discuss your design ideas and show you a range of ideas to help you in the creative process.

Carmody Jewellers can also repair any of your jewellery pieces, just bring them into to our Queen Street Workshop and we can arrange for them to be repaired, restored, cleaned and polished. You may want to take advantage of the Valuation Service whilst you are with us.

Just drop by and have a chat with Todd, who can help you with repairs and redesigns.
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