About Rhodium plating

Carmody Jewellers can rhodium plate your jewellery too. Mostly we can rhodium plate white gold, and the term “white gold” is something of a misnomer!

Mainly white gold today is a mixture (alloy) of gold and a white metal – usually nickel, silver or palladium (a member of the platignum family).

Metals known as white are actually more or a grey colour, so white gold has a yellowish cast. The higher the carat weight, the more gold there is in the alloy, and so the more yellow the cast appears.

Since the wearers of white gold prefer a bright white look, a very thin layer of rhodium electroplating is used to make the jewellery shine.

White gold plated with rhodium will keep its good looks longer – rhodium does not tarnish or discolour, but it is a harder substance so it is much less likely to get scratched.

Those with allergies to nickel or other metals in jewellery will appreciate rhodium plating too as it enables them to wear a ring or other jewellery without any ill effects to their skin.

Some clients will buy a ring and immediately rhodium plate it, repeating the process every year to keep the ring in excellent condition.

Come into our Queen Street Workshop and talk to Todd Jennings, Master Jeweller about getting your jewellery rhodium plated; you will be immediately adding length to the life of your jewellery, and coating it in brilliant colour too!